In the current advanced age, new technologies are being introduced every now and then. Many new ways are being created with better and innovative ideas to make processes convenient. One who wants to retain in this competitive global village must keep himself up to date with emerging data.

Our seasoned tutors are there to train you dynamically. Every single person of our staff is open minded and always ready to go extra mile for students. Successful careers of our students in US, Europe, Middle East and India have proven the potential of our teaching staff. Our staff specializes in AI, database, software architecture and cloud; Python, Kubernetes and Java to name a few.

Gathering freshers and employees as students from varied backgrounds, lifestyles and localities, we fill them with such confidence, mastery, practical knowledge and skills that no challenge is a hurdle for them. We feed you with theory, practical and last but not least live projects to further polish your skills. In addition to question pattern apps; one-on-one guidance, handy mobile applications to help you study wherever you are and online tutoring are our specialties. Icing on the cake we have great environment, good cooperation and career guidance by market experts.

Let us help you give your career wings.


AI is a must applied technology in almost all fields. We have all current courses to sync our students with stream.

Big Data (Spark+Kubernetes)

Apart from Spark and Kubernetes, we have mastered in all data analytics softwares and tools such as Hadoop, Hive, Oozie etc.

Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)

We have partnered with Amazon, MIcrosoft and Google to give a practical training and evaluate our students' learning.